Behzad Shirani

I am Behzad Shirani

Software Developer

Behzad Shirani - بهزاد شیرانی

Name: Behzad Shirani

Profile: Software Developer

Email: me[at]

Phone: +98-913-266-6946


Android 80%
C# 90%
About me

I graduated of Bachelor of computer software engineering and spent last 10 years – since 2008 how to be a greate programmer.I started as a .Net web developer with ASP.NET web forms then ASP.NET MVC. According to my passion for web development, I tried to learn front-end libraries and frameworks such as JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJs and recently i'm trying to do some projects with ReactJs.

I've done some Mobile Application projects with Android Native (Java and Kotlin) and React Native.

Highly motivated to learning and share all I know to the others. As a team member, I communicate EFFECTIVELY with my team mates.


These are the services you can hire me for.

Web Development

Develop new web applications using ASP.NET, web services, and MVC.
In front-end have experience with jQuery, AnglarJs and React.
Design and implement websites with Wordpress.

Mobile Development

A forward-thinking developer offering more than three years of experience building, integrating, and supporting Android applications for mobile and tablet devices on the Android platform seeks position with a top technology firm.

Desktop Development

Develop legacy and modern desktop applications. In Microsoft stach have experience with Windows Forms and WPF, also have good experience building modern cross platform desktop applications with Electron.


Some of my prior projects

MSC Sport Automation

Web Development / April 2013

Azad University Data Analysis

Web Development / May 2016

Sepehr Sun Sesame Oil

Web Development / May 2015

Safir Education Institute

Web Development / December 2018

Behsa Jewelery Gallery

Web Development / September 2017

Hosco Sport Automation

Web Development / August 2016